Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing was in its infancy when Inner Architect launched as a social media marketing agency in 2008. Many people thought it was a passing trend and a lot of businesses were slow to adopt. That picture has changed significantly.

Today the importance of social media is generally accepted, yet many business owners are not really clear about the value that it brings to their goal of gaining new clients. The more you can understand what social media marketing can do for your business, the better you can use it.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing for Business Owners

Legitimize your brand

We live in a day where people trust other people more than they trust paid advertising. We look to other people to give us a thumbs-up on the quality or popularity of a business. Consumers may look first at your business’s website yet if they are curious about how popular or active your business is, they will look for your business on social media. Not having a presence can deliver the message that your business is not up with the times.

It should also be said that letting your social media pages go dormant can also have a delegitimizing effect. If you suddenly stop posting, a consumer can assume you’ve gone out of business. If people are posting questions or comments and you’re not there to respond, consumers can get the impression that you just don’t care about customer service.

Increase your brand awareness

Social networking is the top online activity making social media a powerful platform from which to introduce and promote your brand. Research from eMarketer has shown that 33 percent of consumers name social networks as the way they discover new brands, products, and services.

Increase sales

Legitimizing and increasing your brand awareness should increase sales, yet social networking can also be used to deliver sales offers or other call-to-actions. You can share links to offers from posts shared with your business’s connection. There are also opportunities to target ideal prospects through paid advertising on the social networks for users who are not currently connected to your business.

Improve customer service

Social media has become a preferred method of communication for many consumers. These consumers use social networks as a vehicle to ask questions of businesses, report problems and generally engage with a brand. This is reason enough to maintain a social media presence—to have a vehicle to serve your customers where they want to be talked to.

What Social Networks are Best for Your Business?

Let’s face it. Social networking takes time. Yet you don’t have to be on every social network to participate and produce results. An experienced social media marketer can help you to identify what social marketing platforms are the best fit for your business. Much of the answers have to do with what your business is, who your target client is and where they tend to hang out in the social media landscape.

The image sharing platform platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest are vital for marketing products of all kinds. Any service that is visual in nature or that sells activities, experiences or anything having to do with things people typically like to see—like pets, children and nature—can also greatly benefit from Instagram and Pinterest.

Professional services require a showcase of expertise that is best shared on LinkedIn and Twitter. And with Facebook being the number one visited site in the country, it’s hard to argue why your business should not be there.

Video is becoming increasingly more important as mobile consumption continues to dominate. A YouTube channel is a very effective way to demonstrate your product or educate potential clients by sharing your expertise.

Need help?

The social media marketers at Inner Architect can help you to understand how to develop a social media strategy that makes sense for your business and your budget. You have a few options. We can build your social media marketing platform and teach you how to run it. We can manage your social media marketing as your outsourced team. Or we can develop a program where you participate when and how you want.

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