Live Chat Services

Clients realize an average of 35% increase in lead volume after enabling live chat services.

How Inner Architect’s Live Chat Services Work

  • Live chat is installed on your website by adding a small code snippet
  • Once enabled, website visitors are invited to engage with a trained live chat agent  24/7 while browsing your website
  • The agent uses a script customized to your business to engage the visitor and gather information about their needs or interests
  • We immediately email you all new leads and provide you with monthly lead reports
  • Ability to connect the visitors to your business phone

How You Benefit From Live Chat Services

  • Increase leads from online advertising by 30% to 40%
  • Engage visitors who prefer not to speak to an agent over the phone or wait for a reply from a website contact form
  • Prolong the engagement of the prospect while they are reviewing other options to meet their needs
  • Initiate real-time, proactive communication with online visitors 24/7

Why Inner Architect’s Live Chat?

  • You simply receive leads. No involvement by you or your team is needed
  • You receive the service of fully trained chat agents
  • You pay only for valid leads
  • Get the highest lead quality
  • Obtain 24/7 web monitoring and lead conversion

Add SMS Text and Get 34% More Mobile Chat Leads

How SMS Chat Works

  • Unique SMS text phone number is assigned to your company
  • SMS text phone number is added to your website
  • Your website visitors can chat via their native mobile texting app
  • Our agents conduct SMS text chats
  • Lead information is emailed to you
  • Visitors can be connected to you by phone

General Texting Stats

  • Prospects who are sent text messages convert 40% higher
  • 64% of consumers think positively of companies that offer texting
  • Average adult spends 23 hours a week texting

Inner Architect’s live chat service is an affordable solution to engage your website visitors 24/7. Contact us today to learn more about how you can get begin to maximize your leads.