Content Marketing

Content marketing is the practice of developing web pages and blog posts that are indexed by search engines and delivered to users in search results.  The process involves researching, writing, organizing, and editing information for publication in a way that your website visitors can relate to.

At Inner Architect, we often are required to take highly technical information and translate it into language that lay people can understand. We are proud to have a professional team of writers who possess the skills to successfully educate readers on technical concepts, provide thorough analysis and research, while giving the material an approachable and easily consumable tone.

Effective Content Marketing

The development of effective content marketing requires an understanding of basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) best practices. The use of keywords in the right places, linking strategies, page length depth and other vital basic practices will help make your content SEO friendly to important search engines like Google.

Besides appealing to the search engines, we strive to develop content that delivers compelling stories with feeling and useful information to human beings with hearts, educational needs and a sense of humor.

What Content Marketing Is Not!

Content marketing is not about creating hard sell sales pitch messages for your products or services. It isn’t a push approach aimed at cornering people in the hopes you will convert them to customers. Instead Content Marketing is a strategy that will position your brand as the go-to-source of valuable and critical information, to your audience of prospects and customers, helping them solve their biggest challenges.

Content Marketing Distribution

When you begin to consistently create written and video content you will want to share your valuable content with your audience. Understanding where your audience consumes information, whether it’s via social media networks, blogs, websites, video channels, or social news aggregation sites, is extremely important.

What Is The Next Step?

At Inner Architect, we’ve seen our clients’ organic search traffic volume grow substantially as we’ve helped them with their content marketing needs and challenges. In particular we have seen how frequency of content, a consistent and ongoing effort of production, has a huge impact on organic traffic. If you don’t have the time, resources, or expertise to devote to the increasingly vital job of content marketing, contact us to learn more about how we might help you better compete for visibility.