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Case Study:
New Client Acquisition

Personal Injury Law Firm

Executive Summary

A law firm in a very competitive, high case value practice was having difficulty acquiring cases through their marketing efforts despite a seven-figure marketing budget. Inner Architect was retained to lead and manage the digital and print marketing efforts for the firm. While the volume of leads generated more than doubled, the firm was unable to successfully close any new cases with their intake department handling the leads.

131% increase in leads generated from the website (583 vs. 252) over the previous year while spending 39% less in marketing expenses from the prior year. Inner Architect took over management of the inbound lead management process and within six weeks, four cases were closed.

Prior to retaining Inner Architect, the firm made investments in marketing programs without having a reporting process in place. They were unable to evaluate ROI and did not have a tracking system in place to understand where leads were coming from.

The firm employed their own internal team to respond to and review the leads. The internal staff had other job functions that often took them away from their desks, leaving incoming leads going to voice mail. Without a process to respond to leads immediately, the firm lost numerous cases to other firms that followed up faster.

How Inner Architect Helped
Inner Architect set up a tracking system to identify the source of every website and telephone contact, redesigned the firm’s website, took over the Google Adwords management, and tested a number of new advertising programs. It was the careful monitoring of the metrics and tweaking of elements that were under-performing that led to the doubled lead volume.

Inner Architect performed a study of the lead response time of competitive firms and was able to show our client that it was losing clients to other firms as a result of its internal process. Inner Architect identified the best solutions for handling incoming calls and live chat, worked with the providers to develop effective scripts for the agents, and set up a trackable process for transferring qualified leads to the firm. Within one week on the new process, the firm signed a case.

Future Plans
Aside from its law firm website, the firm has a website that provides health-related information to help patients in their practice area. The firm has asked Inner Architect to replicate the work we’ve done for the firm for their health website.