Click Fraud Protection

Warning to all businesses that advertise online – your ad dollars are being stolen! Click fraud is a person or malicious bot clicking on your advertisement with the intent to illegally drain your advertising budget. The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) estimates online ad fraud costs advertisers $8.2 billion annually.

Inner Architect’s click fraud protection platform has saved our clients between 12% and 42% of their ad budgets that were previously lost to click fraud.

Click Protection Benefits

  • Click Farms: Defends against foreign based human Click Farms that intentionally click on your ads to drain your budget
  • Scrapers: Protects your expensive website content and copy by blocking scrapers who steal your website and blog content
  • Duplicate content: Helps prevent duplicate content penalties from Google by blocking content scrapers intent upon using your content for their own websites
  • Malicious Bots: blocks robots (bots) that are programmed and deployed by your competition or nefarious organizations with the intent of wasting your ad budget

See for yourself how Inner Architect’s click protection solution can save your advertising budget and make your business more profitable.

Your monthly analysis will showcase—

  • Dollar amount saved by blocking unwanted traffic
  • Click volume from outside the U.S.
  • Click volume spending less than 5 seconds on site
  • Details on why clicks were blocked
  • And more


At Inner Architect we monitor the click activity of our clients’ Google Ad campaigns and develop protection rules that enable us to block unwanted clicks from future visits. We find that unwanted traffic typically falls into two categories:

  1. Clicks that spend less than one second on the site. Overall, we are seeing an average of 20.2% of clicks spending less than one second on the site.
  2. Clicks coming from outside of the U.S., even though Google Ad location settings designate U.S. only. Our click protection clients are experiencing an average of 6.3% of clicks coming from outside the U.S.

Bottom line is that we have identified approximately 26.5% of clicks that we monitor represent unwanted traffic that is worthless to any business investing in Google Ad campaigns. By tracking the IP address and device behind the useless traffic, we can block the IP address and device from clicking an ad in a future visit.

Here’s how the savings from blocking worthless clicks added up for one Inner Architect client:

  • $18,299: January (9.5% of ad budget)
  • $26,612: February (14.4% of ad budget)
  • $24,135: March (11.6% of ad budget)

Total Savings: $69,046 (11.75 of budget)

 Fraudulent Clicks on Client’s Website

  • 8%: Average January to March

Time on Website

  • 2%: < 1 second
  • 8%:   1 to 5 seconds
  • 70%: 6 to 10 seconds

Total Time on Website < 10 seconds 29.7%

Wonder what these statistics would look like for your ad campaigns? Curious as to how much money you are spending on worthless clicks? See for yourself by requesting a FREE 30-day trial of click fraud protection. Call Inner Architect at 415-485-6961 or submit the form on our website today.