Napa Valley’s First Twitter Case Study

  Published in 2011, the following document is Inner Architect's in depth Twitter case study titled "Leveraging Twitter as a Prospecting Machine: Increasing Direct to Consumer Sales Through Targeting, Tracking, and Measuring." The brainchild of Susan Hanshaw, Principal & Chief Marketing Strategist of Inner Architect, the study was compiled from two years of campaign management [...]

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Top 20 Social Networks By Active Users 2019

What are the most popular social networks in 2019? According to that honor goes to, the now monolithic, Facebook with 2.2 billion active users as of January 2019.  The rest of the top 5 sites include YouTube, WhatsApp, FacebookMessenger, and WeChat. That's right. Facebook has two properties in the top 5 on the list. [...]

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How to Use Twitter’s Favorite Feature to Showcase Your Expertise

What was once an underutilized feature on Twitter, ‘Favorites’, is quickly becoming a subject of experimentation. One of the original reasons for using the Favorites feature was to store content you intended to read later. The latest craze has social media fans asking: “Are Favorites the new Retweets? Past experimentation included a deluge of people [...]

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