Law Firm Communications Are Vital During the Coronavirus Outbreak

  Not only is the health and well-being of our family and friends at stake during the COVID-19 outbreak but so are our businesses. For law firms, the recession-like economic climate and the methods of performing work are being redefined every day. The question: How to protect your law firm during the coronavirus outbreak requires [...]

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Inner Architect Tips to Prepare For Business Success

At Inner Architect we understand how difficult it is to be successful in business without a plan. You need a set of processes and a deep understanding of what you wish to accomplish. Knowing who your customer is and how you are going to engage with them is critical. Inner Architect builds marketing plans for [...]

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Marin County Digital Marketing Agency Produces $190 Million in New Client Revenue

Marin County digital marketing agency Inner Architect, celebrating its 10 year anniversary, has produced $190,000,000 in new revenue for their clients since Q3 of 2016. As a Google Marketing Partner agency certified in Google Ads, Inner Architect’s focus is on intake optimization aka the strategy of attracting prospective clients to your website, from multiple marketing [...]

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B2B Webinar Sales Tactic for Any Size Business

Are you tired of reading 2,000 word website pages, 1,000 word blog articles, or 100 page case studies on how to leverage a tactic to boost your company’s sales? Inner Architect is launching our business strategies series of practical articles meant to be consumable in 10 minutes or less. First up in the series, how [...]

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Lead Response Strategies That Close Sales

Please indulge me and take my one question test: What are lead response strategies? Stop kidding yourself with that inner voice that is calmly telling you that everything will be alright because your pipeline is full of leads.  Frighteningly you aren’t closing nearly enough of your projected quota to keep your company afloat or your [...]

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Response Based Law Firm Marketing Produces New Cases

A vast majority of law firms today are rapidly increasing their investment in law firm marketing and lead generation services in the face of growing competition with other firms according to the 2016 Joint Legal Marketing Association (LMA)-Bloomberg Law Survey Report. According to the report, “67% of attorneys and marketing and business development professionals agree [...]

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6 Ways Your Law Firm Intake Department Hurts Your Bottom Line

Why is your law firm not generating enough profits? Many law firms, from small to global sized multi-office giants, spend a small fortune in human capital and money on their marketing programs. They have lead generation funnels set up to increase sales utilizing digital advertising, pay-per-click advertising, print advertising, television advertising, search engine optimization programs, free [...]

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Law Firm Marketing Strategy by Inner Architect Recognized by U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Inner Architect is proud to announce that our client, pioneering asbestos law firm Kazan Law of Oakland, California, was honored by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Institute for Legal Reform as one of the legal industry leaders in law firm marketing in the very competitive asbestos and mesothelioma practice area. Inner Architect has been managing, producing, and consulting on [...]

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