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Essential Business Communication Is Vital During COVID-19 Restrictions

  Essential business communication is critical during the continued stay-at-home orders and business restrictions affecting so many of us. For most businesses, the recession-like economic climate and the methods of performing work are being redefined [...]

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Law Firm Communications Are Vital During the Coronavirus Outbreak

  Not only is the health and well-being of our family and friends at stake during the COVID-19 outbreak but so are our businesses. For law firms, the recession-like economic climate and the methods of [...]

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Why Web Accessibility is Important and How You Can Achieve It Easily

The digital world has evolved to become our real world. Think about how you operate your life these days. Where do you go to research something you want to buy? How do you keep in [...]

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Inner Architect Job Seeker Social Good Presentation at EDD Walnut Creek

Social good is part of our work here at Inner Architect.  Investopedia defines social good this way: “Also known as "common good," social good can trace its history to Ancient Greece philosophers and implies a [...]

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5 Website Development Keys to Customer Satisfaction

How do you know if prospective customers like your website? Your Google Analytics might provide some enlightening data about bounce rate, time on site, visitor behavior. But what do you really understand? Here are five [...]

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Marin County Digital Marketing Agency Produces $190 Million in New Client Revenue

Marin County digital marketing agency Inner Architect, celebrating its 10 year anniversary, has produced $190,000,000 in new revenue for their clients since Q3 of 2016. As a Google Marketing Partner agency certified in Google Ads, [...]

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U.S. District Court Judge William H. Orrick III Guest Speaker at Marin County Bar Association

How important is it for a marketing firm, with deep ties to the legal profession, to attend their local bar association functions? It is very important. We learned this lesson again at the Marin County [...]

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