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Inner Architect Job Seeker Social Good Presentation at EDD Walnut Creek

Social good is part of our work here at Inner Architect.  Investopedia defines social good this way: “Also known as "common good," social good can trace its history to Ancient Greece philosophers and implies a positive impact on individuals or society in general. It also provides the basis for charity or philanthropic work.” Although we [...]

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Top 20 Social Networks By Active Users 2019

What are the most popular social networks in 2019? According to Statista.com that honor goes to, the now monolithic, Facebook with 2.2 billion active users as of January 2019.  The rest of the top 5 sites include YouTube, WhatsApp, FacebookMessenger, and WeChat. That's right. Facebook has two properties in the top 5 on the list. [...]

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5 Website Development Keys to Customer Satisfaction

How do you know if prospective customers like your website? Your Google Analytics might provide some enlightening data about bounce rate, time on site, visitor behavior. But what do you really understand? Here are five website development keys to customer satisfaction based on Search Engine Journal’s survey of 1,013 US-based respondents between the ages of [...]

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Inner Architect Tips to Prepare For Business Success

At Inner Architect we understand how difficult it is to be successful in business without a plan. You need a set of processes and a deep understanding of what you wish to accomplish. Knowing who your customer is and how you are going to engage with them is critical. Inner Architect builds marketing plans for [...]

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Marin County Digital Marketing Agency Produces $190 Million in New Client Revenue

Marin County digital marketing agency Inner Architect, celebrating its 10 year anniversary, has produced $190,000,000 in new revenue for their clients since Q3 of 2016. As a Google Marketing Partner agency certified in Google Ads, Inner Architect’s focus is on intake optimization aka the strategy of attracting prospective clients to your website, from multiple marketing [...]

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U.S. District Court Judge William H. Orrick III Guest Speaker at Marin County Bar Association

How important is it for a marketing firm, with deep ties to the legal profession, to attend their local bar association functions? It is very important. We learned this lesson again at the Marin County Bar Association luncheon “U.S. District Court Judge William H. Orrick III: The Continuing Role of Justice in our Federal Court [...]

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Voice Engine Optimization a Revolution on the Brink

The most important statistical prediction you must consider for the health and survival of your business is the following: 50% of all searches will be voice searches by 2020 according to comScore. Voice search and the impending Voice Engine Optimization (VEO) revolution is upon us. Future internet trends are pointing us in a new direction [...]

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B2B Webinar Sales Tactic for Any Size Business

Are you tired of reading 2,000 word website pages, 1,000 word blog articles, or 100 page case studies on how to leverage a tactic to boost your company’s sales? Inner Architect is launching our business strategies series of practical articles meant to be consumable in 10 minutes or less. First up in the series, how [...]

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Mary Meeker’s Future Internet Trends: Where Are We Going?

Before you read, browse, or bounce away from this article on Internet trends- give it a chance by reading the final paragraph titled: "No Conclusions or Conclusive Evidence - Just Educated Guessing" Mary Meeker,  Partner at Klein Perkins the Silicon Valley iconic venture capital firm , whose focus is on the Internet and new technologies, [...]

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Inner Architect Presents to Job Seekers at Marin Professionals

I’m happy to announce that Inner Architect was invited to present at Marin Professionals on Monday June 11, 2018. Our presentation, Using Social Media to Land a Job, will provide a closer look at the history and evolution of social media, social media’s role in job search, and the reasons why job seekers can no [...]

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