What we bring to the table

At Inner Architect we bring decades of experience to every client. We have worked with businesses as big as the New York Times to solo entrepreneurs and first-time authors. We are a Google Partner agency with certifications in Search. Our social media work has received recognition from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and earned a client the distinction of being a leader in law firm marketing on Twitter.

How Inner Architect Stands Apart

We have been trained in the science and psychology of marketing. We’ve been at it for 33 years. We combine our traditional direct marketing know-how, proven to have a high rate of success, with new and innovative digital marketing tactics. We bring experience to clients that most digital marketers today don’t have. And that’s what sets us apart as a digital marketing agency.

We offer a couple of unique services that provide for other differentiating factors. Our client intake optimization services help clients to manage leads so that they will have a high likelihood of becoming a client. We help clients to save thousands of dollars each month through our cutting edge click fraud protection service.

Business and Pro Bono Contributions

We have contributed to The RecorderPlaintiff and Advocate magazines, Search Engine People, and Multi Channel Merchant. We have been speakers at industry conferences such as Direct to Consumer Wine Symposium, Wine Industry Technology Symposium, Hospitality Industry Association, Print Industries of Northern California, and San Francisco State University College of Business.

Alongside Inner Architect’s commitment to helping businesses is our desire to share our expertise to help individuals reach their potential. We have donated hundreds of hours of our time teaching job-seeking professionals how to blog and leverage social media in their job search. Through her book Inner Architect, our Co-Founder Susan Hanshaw seeks to help anyone looking to create a more fulfilling career.

Working with Inner Architect

To sum things up, Inner Architect is a boutique agency. We specialize in personalized work for our clients. We bring you smart people with decades of experience without the costs of multiple worldwide locations, large overhead, or a huge payroll. We don’t have a dog in our office, but we’re still very likable.

We’re confident that we can help you, so please reach out by email, live chat, or call 415-485-6961.

Susan Hanshaw
Susan Hanshaw
Principal & Chief Marketing Strategist

Susan Hanshaw is the chief marketing strategist for Inner Architect. With an extensive background in direct and digital marketing, Susan has developed and managed lead generation and customer contact strategies on both the client and vendor sides. Susan has worked for and consulted with companies from Bank of America, Time Inc., Home Depot and Victoria’s Secret to hundreds of small to medium-sized niche businesses. Growing up in her career in the magazine industry, Susan got an ivy-league education while working under the wing of Direct Marketing Association Hall of Fame inductee John Klingel while she was circulation manager during the launch of Health magazine.

Susan is a public speaker and trainer on social media topics and has been a contributing writer for Plaintiff and Advocate magazine, Multichannel Merchant, Search Engine People, and Target Marketing’s eM+C. She earned a B.S. degree in Business Management with a concentration in Computer Programming from Keene State College, NH.

When she’s not in work mode, Susan can be found in a kickboxing or TRX class, honing her drawing or voice-over skills, or tending her garden.

Dean Guadagni
Dean Guadagni
Principal & Social Media Strategist

Dean Guadagni is Inner Architect’s chief social media strategist with a comprehensive background in business development, sales management, and national account management experience. Dean is the author of a nationally recognized self-help business guide whose articles have been published by Reuters.com, Nielsen.com, FoxBusiness.com, Ziff Davis Enterprise’s “Microsoft Watch”, Computer Shopper, and the Chicago Sun-Times. Prior to joining Inner Architect, Dean worked with management consulting firm Domus Consulting Group, whose mission was to help real estate brokerages and affiliates develop technology marketing strategies in real estate.

Dean is a public speaker and workshop facilitator on social media strategies, blogging, and networking. He is a graduate of San Francisco State University with a BA degree in Speech Communications.

After work, Dean heads out to lift weights or catch a basketball game or three at the gym. He enjoys encouraging and mentoring the young players he meets on the court.

Dee Turman headshot
Dee Turman
Graphic Designer

Dee Turman is Inner Architect’s graphic & web designer and has passion for all things digitally creative. With over 8 years of experience in graphic design, Dee has worked on numerous projects in both print and web. Her ad agency experience has given her a vast skill set that covers many aspects in the field of design as well as a wide array of clients including large corporations, B2B, and small businesses.

Dee is a graduate of the University of Memphis with a BA in Anthropology. She worked for several years as an archaeological illustrator for excavations in Belize and Egypt before returning to the University of Memphis for graphic design. Her illustrations have appeared in numerous publications as well as television programs.

Georgia Gibbs headshot
Georgia Gibbs
Web Developer

Georgia Gibbs is a user experience design specialist, designing for digital media since 1997. Georgia works on the web, including commerce. She also works extensively in ‘envisioning’, designing proof of concept pieces for multiple devices and screen sizes including interactions for television, handhelds and smartphones. Having the good fortune of working with innovative team members in the corporate world, Georgia has also been named in several U.S. patents related to the user experience and interactive television. Previously a successful on-set stylist and project manager for large-scale shoots, Georgia’ client roster included national retail outlets, local fashion designers, Visa and Sprint.

SEO Matthew Kellogg
Matthew Kellogg
SEO Consultant

Matthew Kellogg is an internet entrepreneur who specializes in SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Over the past 6 years, he’s spent 10,000+ hours in research and development to reverse engineer and deeply understand Google’s algorithm and webmaster guidelines, search engines, and how web traffic on the internet works. Over this time he developed a proprietary SEO formula that’s generated millions of dollars’ worth of high target organic traffic to client’s websites. This traffic has produced thousands of new phone calls, contact form submissions, and new business. Matthew has a BA degree in Business Administration with a focus on Marketing.

Laura McCamy headshot
Laura McCamy
Content Developer

Laura McCamy got her BA from Yale University, where she had a Scholar of the House Fellowship for Creative Writing. She has run her own business creating and selling printed clothing, worked as a paralegal, and held a wide and amusing range of odd jobs. In recent years, she has returned to her first love: writing. As a reporter, she has covered local politics, bicycling (she is an avid urban bicyclist), and development, winning a fellowship to report on seniors and gentrification in Oakland.

Laura has blogged and written web content about small business, finance, entrepreneurship, and the law. She works with Inner Architect as a freelancer, providing high quality, SEO-driven blog content.