B2B Webinar Sales Tactic for Any Size Business

Are you tired of reading 2,000 word website pages, 1,000 word blog articles, or 100 page case studies on how to leverage a tactic to boost your company’s sales? Inner Architect is launching our business strategies series of practical articles meant to be consumable in 10 minutes or less. First up in the series, how [...]

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Mary Meeker’s Future Internet Trends: Where Are We Going?

Before you read, browse, or bounce away from this article on Internet trends- give it a chance by reading the final paragraph titled: "No Conclusions or Conclusive Evidence - Just Educated Guessing" Mary Meeker,  Partner at Klein Perkins the Silicon Valley iconic venture capital firm , whose focus is on the Internet and new technologies, [...]

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Inner Architect Presents to Job Seekers at Marin Professionals

I’m happy to announce that Inner Architect was invited to present at Marin Professionals on Monday June 11, 2018. Our presentation, Using Social Media to Land a Job, will provide a closer look at the history and evolution of social media, social media’s role in job search, and the reasons why job seekers can no [...]

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Lead Response Strategies That Close Sales

Please indulge me and take my one question test: What are lead response strategies? Stop kidding yourself with that inner voice that is calmly telling you that everything will be alright because your pipeline is full of leads.  Frighteningly you aren’t closing nearly enough of your projected quota to keep your company afloat or your [...]

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