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Pay Per Click

With competition for organic search ranking so fierce, PPC is a good option for most businesses.

Social Media

We have had a focus on social media since its infancy in 2008 and we know how to get results.

Web Development

We understand how to build a user-friendly website that Google can find, index and rank.

Digital Advertising

Powering data-driven advertising campaigns across video, mobile, display, and social mediums.

Content Development

Creating compelling content for humans with hearts, educational needs and a sense of humor.

Website Optimization

Identify costly ineffective programs, strategies and landing pages that are not producing.


Email Marketing

Our scientific approach can help you to cultivate more and stronger client relationships.


Providing a sense of direction for those times when a business is feeling like a rudderless ship.

Why Our Digital Marketing Agency?

Our digital marketing agency is focused on helping small and medium sized businesses to get more clients and to keep their client relationships strong. Marketing has become an industry of specialties and it takes a wide variety of skills to leverage all the opportunities available to achieve these goals. With our varied team of marketing specialists, Inner Architect can be your one-stop boutique shop for personalized and excellent service.

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Our Team

Susan Hanshaw

Managing Director

Dean Guadagni

Social Media Director

Dee Turman

Graphic & Web Designer